Stockall Time Recorders

J.J. Stockall & Sons was a clock manufacturer established in 1840 and registered as a limited company in 1900.

J.J. Stockall Jr invented and patented time check recorders in the 1890's which were manufactured by the company. In 1907 he formed a partnership with fellow inventor Frank Brook, which led to the formation of Stockall-Brook Time Recorders Ltd (company number 96417).

In 1908 J.J. Stockall & Sons Ltd merged with Robert Moffat Marples & Sons and formed Stockall Marples & Co Ltd, but both this company and Stockall-Brook Time Recorders went into liquidation in 1911.

In 1912 Frank Brooks went into partnership with G H Gledhill & Sons to form Gledhill-Brook Time Recorders Ltd, and the reformed company 'Stockall Marples & Co (1912) Ltd' was registered, remaining in existance until 1970.

As well as time recorders, Stockall Marples & Co Ltd (and J.J. Stockall & Sons before them) made and sold high precision clocks primarily to the armed forces, the railways and schools, mostly with accurate fusee movements which I believe may have been used in some of their early time recording machines.

The Syncromatic Time Recording Company (based in Liverpool) was a main distributor of Stockall-Brook made time recorders, removing the Stockall name and calling them the 'Syncromatic'.

I have little information regarding the different models produced or any company literature - any information or pictures that could expand this page would be greatly appreciated.


Here are pictures of an un-restored Stockall card recorder clock, probably from around 1940:

Stockall clock
Stockall dial
Stockall clock open
Stockall front
Stockall movement
Stockall logo
Stockall mechanism


The same clock as above sold by Blick:

A 'Synchromatic' time recorder made by Stockall-Marples and sold by the Sycromatic Time Recording Company, I would guess from the 1920's:
(image from

Blick Stockall Time Recorder
Stockall Marples Synchromatic Recorder