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17/06/2020 Frequently Asked Questions page added: FAQ
11/06/2020 Photographs added of a very rare Gledhill-Brook Key Recorder:
Gledhill-Brook Photos
11/06/2020 Photographs added of a recently restored ITR Autograph Recorder: ITR Photos (No.7)
03/05/2020 A photograph of an ornate Blick cast iron waterfall front added.
21/04/2020 A new contact email has been added as fellow time recorder restorer and enthusiast Desmond Bull has kindly offered his help to assist with answering your questions.
11/04/2020 A photograph of an original Frank Brook 'Paragon' Time Checker machine added:  Brook
15/03/2020 Some interesting photos of a Bundy leaflet added:  Bundy
14/03/2020 The Stockall recorder eventually finished, working perfectly and I think well worth the effort. Please take a look at this unique and impressive time recorder: Stockall
29/01/2020 I've been tempted out of restoration work retirement having become in awe of a previously unknown very early Stockall time recorder which I acquired last year. Work in progress - info and photos will be added when (and if) completed.
05/01/2020 Just some additional interesting links added: Links
04/12/2019 History of the A. Lambert company and one of Arthur Lambert's first (1907) patents added. Please see the Lambert and Patents pages for details.
29/11/2019 2 new pages added for USA time recorders: Cincinatti and Simplex
22/11/2019 Photos of a newly restored Lambert time recorder by Desmond Bull. Please see Lambert
17/11/2019 New photos of a rare National Time Recorder 'Universal' model sent to me by Errol Smith from Australia. I was previously unaware that this model existed. Please see NTR Photos (No.8)
17/11/2019 News Page added!
10/11/2019 New photos of a Brook time check sent in by Desmond Bull - please see the Brook Time Check Company page.