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William Maberly Llewellin

William Maberley Llewellin was born in Bristol (1849-1930). His grandfather Peter Llewellin owned a brass foundry in Bristol from 1832, which his father John Llewellin and his brother John Llewellin Jnr were also involved with. He studied at Glasgow University, and gained a Certificate in Engineering Science in 1872.

He patented his first worker's time recorder in the UK in 1881, based on a time check machine which we now know had previously been invented and patented back in 1855 by John Adams.

He founded the Llewellin Machine Company in Bristol 1883 to manufacture time recorders, other clocks and mechanisms. He must have retained a tie with or a property in Glasgow, as there was also a Glasgow branch and an 1883 patent gives his address as living there at the time. He appears to have also specialised in the business of patent application, management and sales - the company may have been called Llewellin's Patent Machine Company at one time from the name stamped on the 'check' pictured below.

He subsequently 're-invented' and patented various types of time recorders up to the 1920's. Please see the Patents page for more information.

The company went on to specialise in the design and manufacture of various types of gears, which it still does today from the same premises in Bristol.

Llewellin Poster

Here are 2 very early posters, both with different versions of his early time check machine.

The one on the right also shows what appears to be a very early autograph recorder. Note the misspelling of Llewellen!

Llewellin Poster


This is a worker's 'check' made by Llewellin's Patent Machine Company.

Each worker would be allocated a number and they would insert their appropriate check in the machine on arrival at work.

Llewellin check
Llewellin check


Here is a drawing of one of William Llewellin's first time checking machines taken from his 1883 USA Patent:

LLewellin Patent


The company also made Watchman's Clocks, as shown in this photograph
Llewellin's Watchmans_Clock