Gledhill-Brook Time Recorders Ltd


Here is a list of all the models made, information and images from HARRISON P (1991) A Series of Papers on the Early History and Development of Industrial Time Recorders - Paper 1 - Gledhill-Brook Time Recorder Co. Ltd, England, 1912-1964 :

Gledhill-Brook model list

An early leaflet showing the very rare Key recorder and Universal recorder models:

Glehill-Brook Key Recorder Leaflet

A leaflet for the standard Attendance clock with card racks:

Gledhill-Brook Attendance clock brochure

A 1920's leaflet for the 'Empire' Attendance (models A & B) and the 'Clipper' Attendance and Time Costing (models C & FC), showing the card layouts for each model:

Gledhil-Brook Empire and Clipper models leafletl

Gledhill-Brook signature clock brochure

Gledhill-Brook Desk Autograph Leaflet

Gledhill-Brook Autograph Clock Leaflet

Gledhill-Brook Universal Leaflet

Gledhiil-Brook Portable Universal Time Recorder