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Incorporated in 1889 by Harlow E. Bundy and Willard L. Bundy, the Bundy Manufacturing Company was the first company in the USA to successfully manufacture and market time recording machines. They were key recorders, with each employee carrying a different numbered key. Willard L. Bundy was a prolific inventor and went on to patent many types of time recorders, including card, dial and autograph versions.


Evidence of possibly Bundy's first patent date of Dec 10 1878 can be seen on this photograph of an early USA Key Recorder

In 1899 the company acquired the Standard Time Stamp Company, a manufacturer of time stamps and a card recorder.

In 1900 the company's products were jointly marketed by the International Time Recording Company which was founded by George W Fairchild who had previousy joined Bundy in 1896. In 1902 the company, along with the Willard and Frick Manufacturing Company, was merged with ITR.

In 1903 Willard L Bundy had a 'falling out' with his brother Harlow and the ITR regime, and left to form the W H Bundy Recording Company with his son, continuing to invent and manufacture recorders in competition with ITR.

A specific key model was designed and assigned for the GB market with patents applied for on Sept 25/1890, Feb 20/1891, Sept 06/1892, Nov 30/1894, Sept 10/1895 and Nov 30/1897. This machine was the first key time recorder in use in the UK, distributed by Bundy's UK subsiduary 'The British Bundy Company' from around 1893.

Bundy Manufacturing Company Logo

Models sold direct by Bundy have the Bundy (BMCo) logo on the dial

Models sold by ITR have the ITR (ITRCo) logo on the dial

International Time Recording Company Logo

The two clocks pictured below give examples of different GB key model variants. A good clue to the age of the first clock is that the Nov 30 1897 date does not appear on the GB patents plate, and the name 'The British Bundy Company' appears on the dial, as opposed to the ITR name on the second model. The paper roll carriage methods differ on each model, and the older model has an internal ornate wooden dial surround.


GB Bundy Circa 1896

Bundy Clock Circa 1896
Bundy Clock Dial
Bundy Clock Weight
Bundy Clock Mechanism
Bundy Clock Engraving
Bundy Clock Mechanism
Bundy Patent Plate
Bundy Lever


GB Bundy Circa 1905

Bundy Clock
Bundy Clock Open
Bundy Clock Movement
Bundy Dial
Bundy Patents
Bundy Key
Bundy Mechanism
Bundy Instructions


ITR Bundy Circa 1912 (Thanks to Desmond Bull for photos)

ITR Bundy
ITR Bundy
ITR Bundy
ITR Bundy Keys


Here are photos taken of a Bundy leaflet also sent to me by Desmond:

Bundy Time Recorder Leaflet Bundy Time Recorder Leaflet Bundy Time Recorder Leaflet
Bundy Time Recoder Leaflet Bundy Time Recoder Leaflet
Bundy Time Recoder Leaflet Bundy Time Recoder Leaflet