Blick Time Recorders Ltd

Blick Time StampBlick was not a manufacturer, but became the largest marketing and service time recorder company, and sold all makes of UK made clocks.

They started life around 1900 as the Blick Typewriter Company Ltd, selling the USA made 'blickundsderfer' typewriter from which their name was derived.

In 1917 the MD of Blick (Mr Rimington) bought the sales rights to the Follet time stamp (USA), which was successfully marketed, and a subsidiary company called 'Blick Time Recording Devices' was established.

In 1920, Mr Rimington met Mr Lowe the director of the National Time Recorder Company, and agreed to market their machines as 'Blick National' in the UK.

In 1922 the company 'Blick Time Recorders Ltd' was established (company number 181585).

In 1927, the word 'National' was was dropped, all machines being sold simply named 'Blick'.

In 1963, Dufay Ltd acquired Blick, and the British Time Recorder Company around 1964.

In 1966 Dufay Ltd sold it's time recorder investments, and the MD Alan Elliot bought the time recorder business back to form Blick Time Recorder Holdings Ltd.

In 1972, Blick bought the National Time Recorder Company Ltd

In 1978, the name changed to Blick International Systems Ltd.

In 1982, they acquired ITR International Time Ltd.

In 1986 the holding company became Blick PLC.

The 'Blick' name eventually disappeared from time attendance products in 2004 when they were acquired by The Stanley Works, to form part of Stanley Security Solutions Group.

As a distributor of various makes of UK time recorders and not a manufacturer, all 'Blick' named clocks have been listed on the NTR and Stockall pages

Blick Time Recorder waterfall front


Here is an example of a 1950's National Time Recorder clock where Blick have 'customised' the ornate cast iron waterfall front with their name and own unique design: