National Time Recorder Company Ltd


Here are the names and images of the range of clocks available taken from a 1920's brochure:

'Radial' Recorder
'Key' Recorder
'Standard' Card Recorder
'Short' Card Recorder
ITR Radial Sketch
NTR Key Recorder Sketch
NTR Standard Card Recorder Sketch C
NTr Short Card Recorder Sketch



'Clipit' Recorder
'Autograph' Recorder
'Portable Autograph' Recorder
Desktop 'Time Stamp'
NTR Clipit Recorder Sketch
NTR Autograph Recorder Sketch
NTR Portable Autograph Recorder Sketch
NTR Time Stamp Sketch


The 'Dey' style radial or dial recorders and the 'Bundy' style key recorders remained unchanged and only supplied for a limited time, probably up to the 1930's.
NTR Dial Recorder


The Autograph and Clipit recorders remained relatively the same (less ornate as the century progressed).


A later addition in the 1930/40's was the 'Job Timer' desk stamp model, this one sold by the British Time Recorder Company:
NTR - Job Timer


The mainstay of the business was the card recorders, which changed in design over the decades. Please see the Dating NTR Clocks page for more details.


I have also recently become aware of an NTR 'Universal' model - please see the photos page.