International Time Recording Company


ITR's acquisitions gave them a huge range of dial, key and card time recorder clocks, many of which found their way into the UK.

Here are the most common ITR models listed by IBM which were destined for the UK market (pictures from IBM):

Dial (Dey) Recorders (50, 100 & 150 versions):

Key (Bundy) Recorders:
Job Timer:
ITR-Dial Recorder
ITR Key Recorder
ITR Job Timer
Long Case Card Recorder:
Short Case Card Recorder:
Autograph Recorder:
ITR Long Case Card Recorder
ITR Short Case Card Recorder
ITR Autograph recorder


A Photogragh of exhibits from 1914:

ITR 1914 Models

The IBM History section 'Clock Corner' pages give pictures of most of the models ITR made:

There is also an IBM clock model PDF document available on the Documents page.